September 2019

What you need to know about marketing to Generation Z

By 2020, Generation Z — those born between 1998 and 2008 — will make up 40% of consumers. Shama Hyder, visionary strategist and CEO of Marketing Zen Group explains five vital things you need to know to reach these “digital natives.”

  1. Gen Zers almost universally use social media — but much more selectively than Millennials.

    Gen Zers have lived nearly their entire lives using social media — and spend between 1 to 3 hours per day on social media — but they’re also highly selective about what they post, where they post, and who can see it.
  2. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are their most popular networks.

    Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular platforms. However, they classify Facebook as their “most important” social network.
  3. 63% want to see “real people,” rather than celebrities, in marketing messaging.

    An endorsement from an influencer or YouTube star will almost be worth more than one by a traditional celebrity.
  4. They want useful or valuable content, not ads.

    If you can create something of real value that truly reflects your brand values, you’ll likely find yourself with plenty of loyal Gen Z followers.
  5. You have 8 seconds to gain their attention.

    They have a shorter attention span, so your messaging must be concise, quick and relevant.

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Converting “digital natives” into paying customers

Gen Zers are unique in that they have never known life without digital technologies like smartphones and social media. Here’s how to engage with them — and turn them into paying customers.

  1. Offer exclusive store discounts.
  2. Utilize Instagram shopping pins.
  3. Answer Q&As in your Facebook and Instagram Stories.
  4. Include clear calls to action.
  5. Promote offline.

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