March 2020

2 essential social media tips

You’re probably aware of the importance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to grow sales. But do you know what you should be doing to help your business succeed? In a recent podcast episode of “The Heartbeat of Main Street,” social marketing expert and author Mari Smith shared the two tips you should know (and put to work) immediately.

TIP #1: Have a crystal-clear view of your target audience.

Mari recommends targeting who you want to reach and having a detailed profile of your ideal customer. A clearly defined customer avatar will go a long way to inform the type of content that you create, your messaging and your ad targeting. When you’re doing Facebook or Instagram ads, you want to be able to know who you are speaking to, their interests and demographics.

TIP #2: Focus on creating roughly 80% of your posts for Facebook as video content.

Although Facebook favors video content, Mari stresses that you don’t need to be on camera. Instead, you can use tools and repurpose and reuse different videos and formats and use them across other social media channels.

For more great tips and actionable advice from Mari (including her favorite video tool you can use to easily make stories, ads and posts), visit the Small Business Community to read the full article or listen to the podcast.

Tips and tricks for fast, easy video content

SIMPLE — A smartphone or laptop camera will do.

SHORT — 30-second to one-minute videos get the most views.

SHARE — YouTube is the most used video service in the world.

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