July 2020

Presenting live events on digital platforms

There is no amount of sophisticated technology that will ever take the place of live, in-person meetings. We can look into someone’s eyes, read their body language, get a sense of their “vibe.” The next best thing is video — especially live video.

If the idea of doing more videos is scary to you, you’re not alone! Most people really don’t care to be on camera. But it really does just take practice, practice, practice. Now is the time to push through those modest fears and go for it. We’re all in this together.

How to plan

Consider creating a series of online streaming events/webinars. Take the body of work you would’ve been sharing at the live event and break it down into shorter lessons. If you were having guest speakers at your live event, you can still invite them to be a part of the virtual event.

The tech you need

If this is new territory for you, aim to keep things super simple at first — maybe simply doing a Facebook Live with your phone into a private Facebook Group. Or, perhaps you’re familiar with Zoom, which is a great choice. To go more high tech, use your webcam or a DSLR camera hooked up to your computer and stream via a third-party app.

The approach for promotion

Create a registration page on your website. Or a Facebook Event on your page. Or, just drive people to register on a Zoom webinar. You could also use Eventbrite for registrations.

Send out emails to your list to join the webinar/live stream. Publish invitations to register on your social media posts. And paid media is totally fine now too. The key element is if your webinar/live stream is relevant and helpful to your audience right now.

Don’t forget: follow up

Again, keep that nice flow of communication going. Send out the replay by email. Connect with your audience in the Facebook group. Encourage peer support. Be sure to answer all questions. Consider doing a follow-up to address FAQs. Conduct a post-webinar survey and invite candid feedback. Run a poll in your group and find out what else your audience would like to learn from you.

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