May 2019

How to get — and keep — 5-star reviews

Positive word-of-mouth reviews are a must for small business success. And with thousands of followers and countless 5-star reviews, Art Martinez — owner of Texas-based PSP Diesel — understands the power of social media to drive business growth. He recently sat down with Steve Strauss to share the strategies he uses to boost his business’ online reputation. Read on for highlights from their recent discussion featured in the Small Business Community podcast — Online Reputation Management for Small Business.

Honesty and professionalism keys to success. Art started PSP Diesel in the midst of the economic downturn. Less than 10 years later, his business has grown from one employee (and one customer) to 14 employees working out of a 20,000-square-foot facility serving 4,800 customers year-to-date.

The key to Art’s success? It’s based on more than profit. His customers consistently rank his honesty and professionalism as difference makers. Art makes it his mission to understand each customer and their needs.

Word of mouth and social strategy add up to success. In addition to firmly believing in word-of-mouth advertising, Art’s marketing strategy focuses on social media. With thousands of followers and countless 5-star reviews, his strategy is clearly working.

Art’s one piece of advice if you do get a negative review? Turn the negative into a positive. Although his business has never received a negative review, Art has one piece of advice for businesses that do receive them — ask how you can fix the situation. Reach out to the negative reviewer. When you do, the reviewer might be amenable to removing the bad review and consider giving your business a second chance.

Want to hear more from Art? Listen to the entire podcast.