May 2019

Get results from Instagram and Facebook Story ads

Are you publishing Instagram and Facebook Stories regularly for your business? If you’re not, you should. We reached out to “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith, to explain why.

A Story is a piece of micro-content that disappears after 24 hours. Stories are mobile-optimized with full-screen, short vertical videos, images, stickers and other fun, interactive features. The Stories format is available on both Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram Stories

If you have a personal or business Instagram account, you have Stories. According to Mari, Instagram ad spending is growing at a rapid rate, thanks to Instagram Stories. Story ads increase ad recall, purchase intent, message association and click-through rates.

With more than 400 million daily active users,* Instagram Stories is prime real estate to easily reach your target audience. Instagram statistics claim that one in three of the most viewed Stories are from businesses.

Facebook Stories

The Facebook Stories format has 300 million daily active users. But Facebook is determined to ensure this format is just as popular (if not more, eventually) with new features for businesses rolling out regularly.

Why Stories ads?

Stories creation and consumption is growing at 15X the rate of feed content. Both Instagram and Facebook Stories ads appear at the top of people’s feeds in between organic (unpaid advertising) stories. Videos display for up to 15 seconds and images for up to 6 seconds. Users tap or swipe to navigate back or forward. Stories are always full-screen and vertical, providing a fully immersive, distraction-free experience for users.

Read Mari’s complete article in the Small Business Community. In addition to explaining how to create and set up Stories, Mari gets into the details with formats, design specs, objectives and a healthy dose of inspiration from businesses that are doing it right.

*Source: Instagram data, June 2018