June 2019

2 ways to use social media to grow sales

Author, Facebook marketing expert and Small Business Community columnist Mari Smith was recently featured on “The Heartbeat of Main Street” podcast. Mari shared two essential social media marketing tips all small business owners should put to work in their businesses.

  1. Get super, super clear on who you want to reach

    The number one thing Mari sees small businesses doing incorrectly is not having crystal clarity on their target audience. According to Mari, “When you get super, super clear on who you're wanting to reach, who your customer avatar or avatars are, that will go a long way to inform the type of content that you create, and your messaging, and then definitely your ad targeting. When you're doing your Facebook and Instagram ads, you want to be able to know who am I speaking to, what are their interests or demographics and so forth.”

  2. Create roughly 80% of your posts for Facebook as video content

    According to Mari, Facebook is favoring video content. However, the good news is you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to. You can use tools to repurpose and reuse different videos and different formats, and use them across other social channels. Mari’s favorite video tool is wave.video.

    To listen to the full podcast featuring Mari’s tips, visit the Small Business Community podcast page.