December 2019

3 affordable (and unexpected) ways to generate leads

Looking for leads? Gone are the days when you had to either network or advertise your way to success. Steve Strauss, senior small business columnist for USA Today, has three better options.

  1. Craigslist

    Craigslist is not just for getting rid of old stuff in the garage. It’s also a great resource for business leads. In addition to a listing of jobs, there are part-time gigs, contract positions, requests for proposals and more. And if you sell a product, and list it for sale in the right area, it will prompt more leads and potential customers.
  2. Project bidding sites

    There are thousands of companies who need your help — and are actively seeking it out on sites like Upwork, Guru and Freelancer. These sites list tens of thousands of contract opportunities daily for the self-employed and other small business people to bid on.
  1. LinkedIn

    You probably have a LinkedIn account with a few hundred contacts. But do you use them? LinkedIn has a powerful feature that lets you search for people by name, industry, title, keyword, region, company and more. Do that, and not only do you get a list of viable leads, but you also get a list of people you know who know those people. And since nothing beats a word-of-mouth introduction, a LinkedIn lead is often a hot lead.

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