January 2020

Meeting the expectations (and gaining the loyalty) of Generation C

You’re probably familiar with Generations X, Y and Z. But have you heard of Generation C? Recently, Rieva Lesonsky sat down with digital analyst Brian Solis to find out how to reach, and understand, this key group.

Back in 2012, Solis defined Generation C as the “Connected Consumer.” According to Solis, anyone who integrates technology into their daily routine, regardless of age, is a member of Generation C.

What defines Gen C?

A few years ago, companies hired celebrities and pro athletes to influence people to buy their products. The thinking was that if famous people liked or used a product, others would, too. Today, celebrities and athletes are being replaced by “normal” people who have a personal connection with their followers on social media.

Why is this good news for your business?

Members are not merely online, they are active and engaged in online communities, social networks and review sites. And if you’re not reaching out to them, it’s time you did. Companies like Uber, Postmates and DoorDash cater to Gen C by operating with speed, sophistication, convenience and value — setting new standards. Amazon’s two-day shipping is an excellent example. Once customers experience it, there’s no going back.

Reach them by redefining your mindset

Solis says that Gen C members are demanding, impatient and accidentally narcissistic. Because they feel the world revolves around them and their devices, today’s businesses need to meet their expectations.

Let’s say you have a chai latte stand. It’s not enough to serve the best chai lattes. Instead, you need to have an exceptional business where people connect and share their experiences, whether good or bad. It’s not about offering great service. You need to offer exceptional service people want to talk about.

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