January 2020

How one architect brings great design to the everyday person

In 2015, Chicago-based Avni Patel started A28 Architecture. Although Avni had a vision for the type of architect she wanted to be, she was a young idealist and just wanted to create great buildings.

As her career grew, Avni focused on inclusive, environmentally and tech-friendly design ideas to make life easier or better. "There are ways to design that allow a space to be flexible and work for a multitude of users and design ideas.” Patel saw, though, in many of the current small buildings, these design ideas were not typically integrated.

“As I started working, I realized I have to work within the existing reality. Navigating that reality to find a path that led us here wasn’t easy,” she said. “It took a lot of preparation to really understand financing, real estate investment, business, architecture, design, technology, psychology, and engineering well enough to make them work together and develop a business to achieve their integration.”

With the guidance of her Bank of America Small Business Banker, Gladys Castillo, Avni is pursuing her dreams of building — both on the job and for her business.

“Once I understood Avni’s business, the two biggest things we were able to help her with was how to save her time through our mobile capabilities. And we’re also able to help her establish credit for her business,” said Castillo.

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