February 2020

6 reasons why you need a personal brand

What do Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They’ve capitalized on their own personal brands — allowing them to stand apart from the crowd — ultimately growing their businesses even more.

Richard Branson’s personal brand has helped Virgin extend over 200 companies. And from her “favorite things” to her book club, the integrity Oprah’s developed causes us to think about the things she associates with in a positive way.

Not sure if you need to develop a personal brand? We have 6 reasons that might change your mind:

  1. You’ll build your credibility. A personal brand is a way to present your talents, skills and expertise to your circle of influence.
  2. You’ll become attractive to clients. A strong personal brand acts like a magnet and draws clients to you (and ultimately to your business).
  3. You’ll work with quality clients. Success attracts success. And as you grow your brand, you’ll attract better clients.
  1. You’ll be in a better position. As you become more in demand, you’ll be able to increase your asking price.
  2. You’ll have more freedom. Imagine having the ability to work with only the clients you want — and charge what you want.
  3. You’ll build a bigger and better network. As you increase the width and quality of your network, you’ll have opportunities that may lead to a higher reach and influence.

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