February 2020

Meet Holly Johnson, Designer and Owner of Cheeky Monkey Home

In 2012, new mother Holly Johnson wanted to showcase her creative talents while enjoying the flexibility of working from home. So, she said goodbye to her stressful office job and launched Cheeky Monkey Home (a decorative pillow business) on Etsy.

Growing her business while helping others

Cheeky Monkey Home took off and by 2017, Holly was selling wholesale. To keep up with demand, Holly needed people to help her sew. To fill the need, Holly launched Sew@Home, a program where she trains, employs and provides flexible work and community for refugee mothers in the Boston area.

Holly also entered the 2018 Mastercard Grow Your Biz Contest, in association with Bank of America®. Although she didn’t win the grand prize, she did receive valuable guidance from the contest judges and in September 2019, she launched a new line of tote bags and handbags.

A plan for growth

“My goal is to expand my business ten times over the next three years,” Holly said. And after meeting with her Bank of America Small Business Banker, Tyrone Billingsly, she has the plans to put her dreams into motion.

“When I first met Holly, we were able to sit down and really understand the ins and outs about her business and the direction that she wanted to go in. And from there, formulate some strategies on how to grow,” Tyrone said.

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