July 2020

Doing business in the “new normal”

When a global pandemic comes and forces governments to close businesses (most of them small businesses, by the way), now we have to think about what it means to deliver our business remotely. The concept of “contactless” business is now a thing. And it has many implications. So how do you do business in a “contactless” world?

Here are some questions for you to consider:

Girl drinking coffee while a photo is being taken of her
  • If you can’t sell and market face to face, what other ways can you find?
  • If people like your face-to-face experience, how can you recreate that online?
  • Not everyone loves coupons. How else can you stay top of mind for your buyers?
  • If people are spending more time on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok while in quarantine, what can you do to reach them?
  • Do you have your customers’ email addresses? How will you earn them?
Woman with a coffee cup waving to a camera that's streaming to her customers online

Let’s talk about this. On the one hand, you’d rather things just go “back to normal.” But what if normal wasn’t really so great for you? Anyway, nothing in life ever goes “back to normal.” It moves forward. And it changes. And eventually we accept the “new normal.”

Digital business and the digital channel

If you can’t sell and market face to face, you have to reach people where they are: their inbox and on various social networks. Yes, your buyer is online. B2B people are actual humans and they are also online.

Once you accept that everyone is online, the question is: How do we earn their attention?

  • People like how-to content. The COVID-19 quarantine data shows that people are filling some of their entertainment time with learning and educational content. Is there an angle there for you?
  • People like personable content. Can you shoot video showing what’s going on at your business and how you’re serving people?
  • People like to belong. Can you reinforce the identity of the people you serve?

Part of your job rolling forward is to connect with people using various digital tools so you can keep customers and prospects feeling “warm” about your offerings in between opportunities to purchase from you.

This is the new cadence. It’s all about staying connected between sales moments. It’s about showing your support for the community you serve. It’s about being more personable and present.

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