July 2020

Growth strategy: Building and growing your email list

Here’s a simple yet truly powerful success strategy that can work in any climate — including during a global pandemic. Right now, it can help you not only stay afloat, but get ahead. The strategy? Grow your email list. This seems almost basic, like Internet 101, but what makes it powerful is to focus on growing your list in a BIG WAY. Don’t just dabble, go for it, because the payoff can be huge.

A big list gives you big reach.

When someone provides their email address, when they “opt in,” they are giving you permission to contact them again. These are warm leads, people who trust you and want to hear from you.

An expanded email list is your digital storefront. When you have something new to sell, you can roll it out by emailing your list and letting them know about it.

There are four steps:

Male customer sitting on a couch reading an email on a tablet
  1. Create a free offer. You have to give to get. What you give away for free in exchange for the opt-in should be something your potential customers would want — a free e-book, podcast or product; a discount; access to a special website; something.
  2. Let them know about the offer. Do so on your website, on your social channels, and yes, consider buying some pay-per-click ads to promote your offering. The bigger you grow your list, the bigger your reach and the higher your potential sales down the road.
  3. Offer real value in exchange for the opt-in. Make sure your website is chock-full of great info. No fluff. Give away your best stuff. If you do, people will trust and like you and believe what you tell them. You really don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression.
  4. Don’t abuse the privilege. When people trust you enough to give you their email, they are also trusting that you will not bombard them with spam and selling.
Man with a smile entering his email address on a store's website

Then, when the time comes for you to launch your new product and you write to your list, guess what? They are going to want to buy it.

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