July 2021

Your customers want to hear from you now

It's advice as old as business itself: “A customer is hard to earn and easy to lose.”

Small business blogs and articles are filled with tips on how to maintain and strengthen your relationships with customers. Many of them focus on showing your customers how much you care about them.

While caring is extremely important, an article on Bank of America's Small Business Resources site adopts an even tighter focus. According to its author, Chris Brogan, the frequency of your communications with your customers is as important as what you say.

Brogan begins by listing the many different types of messages a typical consumer might receive in an ordinary day. His point is clear. Because of the sheer number of messages, it can be difficult to break through the clutter.

But customer communications are an exception, because they actually want to hear from you — about the products they've purchased, when they will be shipped, when they will arrive and how to use and care for them properly.

Brogan goes on to offer six specific tips that can make your communications more effective. To view the tips and learn more about communicating with your customers, read the article on Bank of America's Small Business Resources site.

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