August 2021

Top employee perks and benefits that matter most

In today's hiring market, a good benefits package can make a big difference in your ability to attract and retain skilled employees.

We've all read about the over-the-top perks available to employees at Google and Apple. While things like on-site gyms, free gourmet meals, etc., get a lot of media attention, they're clearly well outside the reach of most small businesses.

But, as an article on Bank of America's Small Business Resources site points out, employees place a high value on relatively low-cost benefits. Flexible hours, more paid vacation time, and work-from-home options are among the most popular. Furthermore, certain benefits can win over some job seekers faced with higher paying offers that come with fewer additional advantages.

So which benefits do employees appreciate most? According to a survey by Zenefits, a small business benefits provider, good health insurance ranks at the top. No surprise there. Paid time off is the next most sought-after benefit, followed by more paid sick days, remote work options and flexible scheduling.

Apparently, when you set health insurance aside, employees look for benefits that help them strike a balance between their work life and their family life. To learn more about how you can offer an attractive benefits package to your employees, read the article on Bank of America's Small Business Resources site.

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