February 2019

Rachel Estapa — small business owner with a big mission

More to Love YogaTM, created and owned by Rachel Estapa, grew from her heart (and pain). A few short years ago, Rachel had an idea — to celebrate and teach yoga to plus-sized people.

Being large most of her life, Rachel knew the struggle other larger-bodied people felt. The struggle to find perfection in their own skin and to cherish their bodies. Inspired to make a difference, More to Love Yoga was born.

Plus-sized yoga gets major love from Bank of America

Although Rachel had the passion, she’s the first to admit she needed help with the financial aspect. And that’s where Lisa Carroll, Senior Small Business Banker, stepped in.

“When I started working with Lisa from Bank of America, she was just not like any banker that I ever met. It was like having a friend that is a banker,” Rachel said.

Impressed with Rachel’s courage, and intrigued by her company, Lisa helped identify Rachel’s priorities and the ways Bank of America could help. According to Lisa, “It's important to have a relationship with your bank. Someone that you could trust, that you can talk to about the business, the challenges that you're facing, because that's really where we shine. We're able to actually provide suggestions to help.”

In a few short years, More to Love Yoga has continued to develop ways to bring plus-sized yoga to more people, in person and online. “I have the power to have a business that I'm proud of in the world. I mean, that's the dream for everyone, right? To do what you love,” said Rachel. We couldn’t agree more. For more information, watch the More to Love Yoga profile.

For more information, watch the More to Love Yoga profile.

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