August 2019

4 tips to prepare for the unexpected

The small business podcast series, “The Heartbeat of Main Street”, is dedicated to empowering small business owners. Recently, Sharon Miller, Head of Small Business for Bank of America, shared 4 tips every business owner should know to plan for the unexpected.

TIP #1: Have a continuity plan

Whether it’s a natural disaster, cyber security issue or reputation threat, preparing for the unexpected is imperative to not disrupt or jeopardize business.

Tip #2: Have a natural disasters plan

Sadly, floods, fires and other natural disasters do happen. Make sure you have an insurance policy, back up all of your data and your systems and have a communication protocol for your employees.

Tip #3: Have a crisis management plan

Reputation management is critical, yet only one quarter of small business owners have a crisis management plan in place. Prepare in advance for when mistakes occur — and how to recover from them.

Tip #4: Have a cyber-attack plan

Know what to do if a cyber-attack happens — install security patches and updates, secure customers’ data and make sure confidential documents are securely disposed.

Tune in to hear Sharon Miller’s entire podcast — including highlights from the new Small Business Owner Report.