September 2022

How to become a certified woman- and/or minority-owned business

If you operate a woman- or minority-owned business, you may have faced challenges getting access to capital, but there's no reason to get discouraged. Becoming certified can open the door to new funding opportunities.

So how do you qualify for certification? There's a great article on Bank of America's Small Business Resources site that covers all the benefits of certification and what types of businesses are best suited for it.

The article explains the application process, including the forms and other paperwork you'll be required to submit. It also lists a range of fees that may be required and provides a rough timetable for completing your certification.

If you've been considering getting certified, be sure to check out this article.

To discuss your business goals, set aside some time for a call with a Small Business Specialist.

MAP4881812 | 08/2022

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